OK, so you want to be an EMT. You already know you meet all academic requirements to enroll in an EMT Basic or level 1 program. But do you have the personality and character traits that best suit a successful and happy EMT?

  • Calmness: All EMTs will undoubtedly experience stressful situations on a daily basis. EMTs are very often the first people to respond to an accident or scene of a crime to render medical help, and this requires the ability to remain calm in such stressful situations, while making life-altering decisions.
  • Work Ethic: An EMT often has to respond to multiple emergencies in a single day, at all hours, even during holidays. The EMT performance on the job often is a matter of life and death. Having a solid work ethic ensures that the EMT will be able to handle the long hours, stress, and other demands that come along with the job.
  • Adept at Time-Management: EMTs are often on call and required to be within close proximity of the hospital or fire station. EMTs are also required to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to all emergencies. They often must perform a multitude of medical tasks in a short period. It is imperative, therefore, that an EMT possesses good time-management skills.
  • Self-Confidence: All EMTs are called upon to make quick and important decisions when helping someone who is injured or sick. These EMTs have to have the confidence and knowledge to make critical decisions which have serious consequences.
  • Empathy: An EMT deals with people who are under duress. Many are in pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally. It is important, therefore, for an EMT to be caring and empathetic. Most EMTs express an inate desire to help people.
  • Communication Skills: Since EMTs have to communicate with the injured or sick, their colleagues, with the public, and other police and fire department personnel under stressful situations, they must be excellent communicators. An EMT must be able to convey messages quickly and clearly, while also being a good listener and observer so as to gather vital information.

Only you can answer if you possess some or all of these qualities.