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Examining 2 EMT Programs

Tweet An Up-Close View of Two EMT Programs There are two levels of training for an EMT: EMT-Basic, and EMT-Intermediate.  The next level of training would prepare an EMT to become a paramedic.  These training levels are considered progressive, as one can use their previous training to move onto the next certification level. An EMT-Basic [...]

How Becoming an EMT is a Spring Board to an Exciting Medical Career

Tweet Amazing Medical Careers Often Start with Becoming an EMT While many people start out as an EMT, they often pursue their education and move onto other medical careers.  Becoming an emergency medical technician can be the first step to an amazing and fulfilling medical career! The basic EMT certification is an EMT I (or [...]

Why Volunteer EMTs Are Inspiring and Amazing

Tweet Volunteer EMTs Are Truly Amazing People Rural residents and those traveling through rural areas rely on emergency medical services (EMS) for treatment and transport when they are involved in an accident or health emergency.  Many of these areas do not have enough emergency calls to warrant a full-time paid EMS service.  So, in these [...]

Why Working as an EMT Is Never Dull

Tweet Working as an EMT Is Never Dull Becoming a certified EMT is one of the most exciting occupations out there.  As first responders, EMTs often mean the difference between life and death for millions of Americans each year. A lot of students these days are wisely pondering their career choices and the path to [...]

EMTs and Paramedics in High Demand Because of Aging Baby Boomers

Tweet Demand for Paramedics and EMTs Increasing Because of Aging Baby Boomers Directly after World War II there was an era of population growth in America.  The population in the United States increased in size between the years of 1945 and 1964 as a result of this. This addition of over 60 million citizens added [...]