Here are basic descriptions of paramedics and firefighters, pointing out the major differences between the two.

Paramedics - Paramedics are usually the first people to respond to an emergency situation. Usually a paramedic will be accompanied by an EMT who, having less training, will act as a sort of assistant. Once at the emergency location, the paramedic with the help of the EMT will check the injured party's condition. If necessary, the paramedic may have to administer medication. This can be tricky because first the paramedic must gage what medications (even over-the-counter) the patient is on and what their dosage is. This can be an especially difficult task with the elderly as they tend to have more doctors that prescribe them multiple medications. Once that is assessed however, the paramedic may administer the medication as needed. Once that is done, the paramedic usually has to transport the injured party to a hospital. Again this is a difficult task. If someone has been in a high-speed car accident for instance, the paramedic must strap the person to a hard plastic stretcher before bringing them into the ambulance since shock may mask any damage done to their neck or spine. After arriving to the hospital it is the paramedic's job to brief the emergency care specialists on the details of the accident. As all of these things are being executed, the paramedic must remain calm, and more than that, calm the patient.

Firefighters - A firefighter's job is more specialized than that of a paramedic. For instance there is a tiller in charge of the ladders on the firetruck, a hose operator who attaches the hose to the fire hydrant, and a pump operator who makes sure the water shoots through the hose into the fire. Mostly firefighters work to save people, buildings, and nature from fire. If at the scene, a person is hurt, a firefighter's duty is to administer emergency medical care. They also work on fire prevention. Other times though, they can be called in for emergency situations that do not include fire. They, like paramedics, may be the first to arrive at the scene of a car accident.

In short, though a firefighter may respond to some of the same emergency calls as a paramedic, their main area of work is with fire. However, paramedics and firefighters must learn to work together, as they may need to rely on one another to save lives.